Where recruitment and marketing meet

Recruitment is a natural extension of your marketing and brand positioning.

Braavio is the platform to tell your employer story and drive ongoing engagement with talent - For the first time ever it's all centralised.

  • Build awareness of your talent brand
  • Proactively engage the talent of tomorrow
  • Validate ROI, data and your advertising strategy
  • Deliver a strong and consistent experience
  • Be more than just your careers page
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    • The brand is your doorway - create branded campaigns and roles
    • Track, review and vote on interactive candidate applications
    • Video drastically improves the recruitment process
    • Interactive shortlists - proactively engage line managers

How It Works

The talent you engage today are your brand advocates of tomorrow. Braavio provides a platform for strong, consistent and integrated communication across all channels. This approach ensures you land the best people in your market and build consumers of your brands, services and products.

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